We know you want to live in a BOLD home... but did you also know that BOLD Home Staging will sell your house faster?

We simply cannot wait to get our hands on your rooms! A boldly re-designed space is a place where you will always want to be!

However.... if you are selling your home, then once you've decided to put your home on the market, you will want it sold fast! BOLD Home Staging will improve your chances of selling your home quickly in a number of ways:

- 1 - Staged homes photograph better & engage viewers longer online.
- 2 - Furnished rooms actually appear larger than empty rooms
- 3 - A staged home is comfortable, furnished & uncluttered, encouraging home buyers to stay longer in the home.
- 4 - A staged home removes the personal attachments to a current owner or family which helps a buyer envision him or her self in the home.
- 5 - When a seller improves the appearance of their home, they increase the perceived value & therefore the sale price.